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Why is my transaction categorized as "None"? Can this be changed?
Why is my transaction categorized as "None"? Can this be changed?
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Q: Why is my transaction categorized as "None"?
​A: If a category is categorized as "None" in the Activity page, it is most often a result of the token not having a spot price listed. Gilded uses CryptoCompare to ensure the most accurate, up to date spot pricing. For coins that are newly listed, not widely used, or that have small market caps, they may not have a readily available, accurate spot price. In this case, Gilded will not list a spot price, which will automatically categorize the transaction as "None."
Gilded users can, however, manually edit/change spot prices within the Activity page. Simply click on an individual transaction to bring up its detailed view. Under where the token name and quantity are listed, you will see "Add spot price."

Click that button to manually enter a spot price and be sure to click save when you are finished. Once a spot price is entered, you will be able to successfully change the categorization of the transaction in question.

For more information on how Gilded determines accurate spot pricing, click here. If you have a question about spot price discrepancies with the blockchain explorer, click here.

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