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Gilded Activity Page Overview
Gilded Activity Page Overview

Use the Activity Page to view and add context to your crypto transactions.

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Gilded’s Activity Page is the heart of our interface, where users can see all of their activity consolidated into one place. Here, you can view all pertinent information regarding your transactions: counterparty, date, account, classification, etc.

The Activity Page is where users can sync their transactions to QuickBooks via journal entries or choose to export them via a CSV file. Use the filters and check boxes to easily choose what to sync and/or export. Filter by date, account, asset, transaction type, and synced/un-synced to narrow down exactly which transactions you’d like to see. Read below to learn more or follow this link for a step by step interactive walkthrough.

Activity Page Layout

Your Activity page is the place to see all of your crypto transactions in one organized space. Gilded is set by default to display the most recent transactions first. Each transaction is labeled with the following categories: Date, Account, Counterparty (name or address), Classification, Incoming/Outgoing, and Transaction Fee. Click on any of these header categories to change the priority of the default listings.

To change which header categories are visible on the Activity Page, click on the display option symbol to open the selector tool.

To separate transactions on a more granular level, open up the filter box. You can do this by clicking on the filter icon located in the top right portion of the Activity page.

Gilded allows you to filter your transactions by type, date, accounts, asset, and syncing status.

To export a file of your transactions, use the selector boxes to choose which ones you'd like to upload. Then, click on the Export tab located at the top right of the open filter box. In the dropdown menu, choose whether you want to export with a standard CSV file or one specifically formatted for Xero Bank Feed. Click "Export" and a downloadable file of your transactions can be found in the Reports page of your Gilded account (learn more about Xero Bank Feed Exports here). Continuing scrolling down for a list of other report options.

The Activity page displays 20 transactions at a time by default. This can be adjusted to user's preference by changing the "per page" drop down. The informational bar at the bottom of the page is there for reference and navigation. Use the arrow buttons at the bottom right of the screen to navigate forwards and backwards or to jump to the beginning/end of the list.

The search bar allows Gilded users to search by a specific transaction ID or hash. Simply input the corresponding information and hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

To take a closer look at individual transactions, click on a transaction in the Activity view. This will trigger an informational box to appear on the right side of the screen.

This box provides Gilded users with several options:

  • View the transaction on the blockchain with a provided block explorer link

  • Set the spot price

  • Create a new contact based on the counterparty address

  • Classify the transaction as Income, Expense, Trade, Transfer, or Equity

  • Write in notes to provide additional context on a transaction

  • Add an attachment (receipts, invoices, etc.)

  • Make a manual, individual sync to QuickBooks or Journal Entry Report.

Pro Tip: Transactions that are classified as "None" and/or have not spot price cannot be synced into QuickBooks.

Important note: For any changes made, make sure to click the “Save” button before closing the transaction box.

For more information on how to add contacts by transaction counterparty on the Activity page, be sure to check out our helpful article here.

To take an interactive tour of our Activity page interface, follow this link.

Got a question? Contact our friendly Customer Success team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email [email protected]

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