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Adding Contacts To Your Gilded Account
Adding Contacts To Your Gilded Account

Add contacts from your Account or Activity pages in Gilded

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Adding contacts to your Gilded Account will allow you to keep better track of your transactions and easily send invoices and pay bills. Once the correct contact information has been successfully added, you will no longer need to input long wallet addresses or worry about having the improper credentials when sending a bill/invoice.

Gilded users can further organize their contacts by adding company names, contact information, EIN/VAT, or customer ID to a corresponding wallet address. Contacts can be added via the Contacts page in your Gilded account and through the Activity page as well. Both methods are explained step by step below.

Adding A Contact Through The Gilded Contacts Page

  1. Navigate to the Contacts page in your Gilded account

  2. Click “+Add Contact” in the upper right portion of the page

3. You will be directed to the “Create Contact” page

4. Fill in all applicable fields as needed

Note: The only field that must be added is “Contact name”

5. Click on the “Wallets” tab to input the corresponding BTC or ETH wallet address

6. Make sure to click “Save Changes” once complete

7. A message saying “Successfully created contact” will appear to confirm that your contact has been added to your account

8. Navigate back to the Contacts page to see your newly created contact listed

Adding A Contact Through Transactions In The Gilded Activity Page

  1. Navigate to the Gilded Activity page

  2. Locate and click a transaction from an unlisted wallet address that you are familiar with and know the counterparty. (You can correctly correlate a counterparty with a transaction by checking the date, transaction amount, and address.)

  3. Once selected, an information box will appear on the right hand portion of the screen that details all aspects of the transaction (date, currency, amount, spot price, etc.)

4. In that information box, select the orange “Create Contact” link

5. Fill in your contact’s name and/or email address

6. Click the checkbox once completed to save and create the new contact

7. Once added, you will now see the updated contact information under the Counterparty category in both the information box and the standard Activity view as well. A new contact will also be created and added to the existing list of contacts in your Contacts page.

Pro Tip: For all previous (and future) transactions with this address, Gilded will automatically list your newly added contact’s name under the Counterparty category. This will not only help you identify your contacts much easier, but will also save you time when invoicing, billing, and reviewing your transaction history.

Got a question? Contact our friendly Customer Success team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email [email protected]

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