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Exporting Cryptocurrency Transactions to Xero
Exporting Cryptocurrency Transactions to Xero

Now you can export your crypto transactions from Gilded to Xero in minutes.

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Export your digital asset transactions from Gilded to Xero with these easy steps. Stay tuned for more comprehensive Xero support coming soon. πŸ’ͺ

  1. Navigate to the Activity view in Gilded.

2. Select the transactions you'd like to export. You can select all of your transactions or just a few.

3. Click Export Transactions > Xero Bank Feed Export (.csv). You'll see green a pop up indicating that the request is processing.

4. While the export is processing, log in to your Xero account. You'll need to add a new bank account in Xero to import your crypto transactions. To add a new account, hover over the Accounting tab > Bank accounts.

5. In the Bank Accounts view, click Add Bank Account.

6. Important: When adding new bank accounts in Xero, it's imperative that you create a different account for each digital asset type (e.g. BTC, ETH, DAI, etc.) Each asset should be represented by its own account. This allows you to track each asset by transaction and most importantly, enables you to calculate the realized and unrealized gains and losses for each asset and track cost basis.

Under Add Bank Accounts, type in your asset type and click Add it anyway

7. When prompted to enter your bank account details, name your account according to the asset you're adding. Select type as Other. Next to Account Number, you can assign a random number. Click Save.

Once you add a digital asset account, you'll see that it appears in your Bank accounts and Dashboard view.

8. Navigate to Gilded and download the processed file.

9. Navigate to Xero. Under your digital asset account, click Import a bank statement to get started.

10. Select Browse, choose the exported file, and click Import.

11. Under Statement lines imported from your file click on the menu next to Reference and select Reference. All statement lines will then match up appropriately.

Click Save.

12. You'll then be directed to the bank account reconciliation view where you'll see your newly imported transactions. Here you can categorize each of the transactions as you would with a conventional bank account.

13. Repeat this process for any additional digital asset types. If you selected all of your digital currency transactions during the export process in Gilded, there's no need to create additional export files.

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