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How do I add my ERC-20 token account/wallet?
How do I add my ERC-20 token account/wallet?

Here's how to add your USDT, USDC, BUSD, BAT, DAI, et al. wallets.

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Gilded supports ERC-20 token payments, stored in your Ethereum wallet. Here's how to enable payments with ERC-20 tokens, such as USDT, USDC, BUSD, BAT, DAI, etc.

  1. Navigate to your Accounts page in Gilded and click "Add Account" and connect your Ethereum wallet in the prompt box. Once added, it will enable you to view supported ERC20 transactions on the activity page and also invoice/bill with supported ERC20 token.
    ​Click here to check out our article on how to connect your wallet.

2. When creating an invoice, select Manual verification. Then select your Ethereum wallet to receive payment. This enables the option to get paid in ERC-20 tokens. You can choose which currencies you'd like to accept on each invoice. If you don't select a specific ERC20 token, Ethereum will serve as the default payment method.

Additional information

If you hold the private key and you have a wallet that shows ERC-20 token balances, then generally, you can receive any ERC-20 tokens (MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, Portis, MetaMask, Coinomi, Mycelium.)

If your wallet was created on an exchange (Binance, BlockFi, Celsius, Bittrex,) or if you don't have the private keys to your wallet, you will most likely not be able to receive ERC-20 tokens.

Gilded supports the following ERC-20 tokens:


Basic Attention Token

Binance USD

Dai Stablecoin

Digix Gold


Kyber Network


Live Peer



Paxos Standard

QCAD Stablecoin

Request Network



Tether USD


0x (ZRX)

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