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Learn the layout and basics of Gilded's Financial Dashboard

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Gilded’s Financial Dashboard serves as the visual representation of your Activity, Accounts, and Payments tabs. Here, you can view your crypto balances and assets on a large scale. Additionally, the Dashboard allows users to overview their past transactions, invoices/bills, as well as monitor incoming and outgoing funds.

In this article, we’ll show how each aspect of the Dashboard works:

  • Transaction history

  • Current balances by wallet and asset

  • Recent transaction history

  • Recent invoices & bills

Financial Dashboard Layout

The Financial Dashboard is the place to see virtually your entire Gilded account summed up in one place.

Transactions History

At the top of the page is the Transactions History chart. This chart incorporates all wallets connected to your Gilded account at that time. Incoming transactions are marked by a green trend line, and Outgoing transactions are marked by a red trend line. Click on the Incoming and/or Outgoing labels at the bottom of the chart to choose which you’d like to eliminate from view.

Place your cursor anywhere on the chart to see the exact value of your accounts at a particular date. Additionally, Gilded users can also customize the timeframe of the Transactions History chart by clicking on the dropdown menu located on the top right of the diagram.

Current Balances (by Asset)

The next diagram presented on the Dashboard is Current Balances (by Asset). This is categorized by Asset in a color coded pie chart format. Assets represented in the chart are also listed to the right of the diagram in order from largest to smallest holdings. Hover your cursor over an individual asset in the pie chart to show the amount held.
Note: All asset balances are listed in the base currency associated with your Gilded account.

Current Balances (by Wallet)

Scrolling further down, you will next find the Current Balances (by Wallet) diagram. This view is synonymous with the Gilded Activity page and lists your top 5 wallet balances along with their current sync status. Users are also given the option to copy and/or edit each wallet directly from the Dashboard.

Recent Transactions

Right below the Currency Balances (by Wallet) is the Recent Transactions list. This features the most recent transactions associated with your connected wallets. Specifically, it will display the last 5 transactions confirmed on the blockchain by Gilded. To see a complete and detailed view of all your transactions, navigate to the Gilded Activity page.

Recent Invoices & Bills

The final display box located at the bottom of the Dashboard is Recent Invoices & Bills. Here, you can overview the 5 most recent Bills and/or Invoices generated in your Gilded account. The chart displays the Invoice/Bill number, title, amount, date created, due date, payment status, payment date, and whether or not it is recurring. You can find the full breakdown of all Invoices and Bills by navigating to the Gilded Payments tab.

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