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How to Run a Counterparty Summary for 1099 reporting
How to Run a Counterparty Summary for 1099 reporting

Learn how your business can run a Counterparty Summary for 1099 reporting.

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If you pay contractors in crypto in the U.S., you likely need to file 1099s with the IRS.

Our Counterparty Summary can assist with summarizing payments, using the information you have in your Gilded account.

This functionality is best for:

  • Organizations that need to file 1099 reports

  • DAOs paying contributors in the USA

  • Any company that pays people in crypto

How to Run a Counterparty Summary

Follow the steps below to create your report for all outgoing transactions (by counterparty):

  1. From the activity page, click on the Funnel in the top right.

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    2. Specify the Date Range you would like to create the report.

    3. Select Export and scroll down to click on the Counterparty Summary to run the report.

    4. Look for a green checkbox indicating your request is being processed. We will filter every outgoing transaction for all wallets, and then you decide which ones will require a 1099.

    5. When ready, you will be brought to the Reports screen where you can download your report. You can identify the report via the name COUNTERPARTY under Process Type.

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Sample Report

Here’s an example of what a Counterparty Summary Report will look like:

Got a question? Contact our Customer Success team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email [email protected]

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