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Mass Pay with Gnosis Safe

Add Extra Security To Your Payments Using Gnosis Safe

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What is Gilded Mass Pay?

Gilded Mass Pay can be used to pay up to 500 people in one transaction, saving 40%-60% in gas fees.

Why Use Gnosis Safe Wallet?

Gnosis Safe wallet is a multi-signature wallet that provides an extra layer of security when sending crypto transactions. Sending a transaction with Gnosis Safe requires multiple users to confirm the transaction before it is executed.

Who is Gnosis Safe for?


Finance Teams

Users that want to add an extra layer of security to their web3 wallets

You must first add Gilded as an application within your Gnosis Safe wallet prior to implementing Mass Pay. Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Apps tab in your Gnosis wallet and click “add custom app”.

2. You will need to enter the Gilded app URL:

3. You should now see the Gilded logo pop up in the app name field, then click the green button that is labeled “add".

4. A new screen will pop up for a confirmation of a third-party app to use with Gnosis safe. Click on the green button labeled “Confirm".

5. You will be brought into the Gilded app within your Gnosis wallet. Use your same login credentials to access the website.

6. Navigate to the Gilded Mass Pay dashboard and click on the gold button in the top right corner labeled “New Mass Pay".

7. You are going to connect your Gnosis wallet to Gilded. Click on the connect wallet button in the middle of the page.

8. Click on the blue button labeled “Show More.” This will reveal the Gnosis Safe option.

10. You will then select Gnosis Safe (bringing you to the upload screen for Mass


11. Upload a csv file with your desired payment information, select the currency and click the gold button at the bottom of the page labeled “Proceed". Check out the Mass Pay tutorial article.

12. Review the payment information and then click on the gold button in the top right corner labeled “Pay Now".

13. This will prompt a Gnosis confirmation to pop up. Click on the green button labeled

Submit” to continue.

14. This will prompt you to sign a wallet transaction to interact with the Gilded Mass Pay smart contract. Review and then confirm the transaction to continue.

15. You will be redirected back to the Mass Pay dashboard, where the Gnosis Mass Pay transaction will have a status of “Awaiting Signatures”.

16. Navigate back to the Gnosis side-bar and select the “transactions” drop down menu and then select “Queue”.

17. Make sure that all required parties confirm the transaction by clicking the green button in the bottom right of the queued transactions list labeled “Confirm”.

18. This will prompt another transaction for each party required to approve the transaction. Click on the green button in the bottom right corner labeled “Submit” to confirm the transaction.

19. This will prompt a new transaction in your non-custodial wallet. Confirm the transaction to continue.

20. Once all parties have approved the transaction, navigate back into the Gilded app and go to the Mass Pay dashboard. There you will see the status of the transaction has changed to “Paid".

DISCLAIMER: If you do not see the “Paid” status, click on the Mass Pay being sent, you may have to select the golden sync button under the status section on the bottom right side of the page to see the “Paid” status.

You're now ready to successfully complete a Mass Pay using Gnosis Safe!

Got a question? Contact our friendly Customer Success team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email [email protected]

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