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Gilded Invoice Actions Menu

Follow up your invoice with several in app actions.

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Actions Drop Down Menu

After sending a Gilded Invoice; the creator of the invoice has several action options to choose from: Mark Invoice as Paid (Manual verification only); Edit Invoice; Delete Invoice; Duplicate Invoice; Make Recurring.

  • Mark Invoice as Paid: This option is reserved for invoices in which the manual verification option is selected. (Remember, automatic verification pertains only to Coinbase accounts integrated with Gilded.) To manually verify payment, you must first select the payment method in the dropdown menu. Digital currency is set as the default. Credit card and wire transfer are only presented as an option if you allowed this form of payment in the creation process of your invoice.

    Next, select which form of cryptocurrency you received payment in. Then provide the transaction hash of the crypto payment in the space provided. Make sure to click the “Mark invoice as paid” button to complete the process.

    After marking the invoice as “Paid,” Gilded will update the status to reflect the payment for anyone who can view the shareable invoice link.

  • Edit Invoice: Select this option to make any edits to the invoice. Any changes made on the editing page will not go into effect until you hit the “Send Invoice” button located at the bottom right portion of the screen.

  • Delete Invoice: Select this option if you want to delete the invoice. This step is irreversible and you will receive a final warning message asking for your confirmation.

  • Duplicate Invoice: Selecting this option will create a new but identical invoice to the current one. This new invoice can be found in the listings on the Invoices homepage. It is worth noting that the newly duplicated invoice will have it’s own unique invoice number separate from the original invoice.

  • Make Recurring: This option allows you to make a one time invoice turn into a recurring invoice that will automatically regenerate the same payment request on a regular time basis. Once selected, you will be presented with the same informational fields as a regular invoice, however there will also be a “Recurring settings” box. Customize the settings to your recurring invoice by selecting the repeat frequency, start date, duration, and due date/time frame. Make sure to click the “Create Recurring Invoice” button after reviewing your information. Like regular invoices, you will also have the option to save it as a draft.

    • To create a recurring invoice from scratch, navigate to the Invoices homepage in Gilded and select the Recurring tab located in the top left portion of the page.

You’re now ready to begin accepting crypto payments in a professional, organized, accounting friendly manner. Use this article as a handy reference when making invoices in the future, and be sure to check out our Knowledge Base for further information about Gilded’s solutions.

Got a question? Contact our Customer Success team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email [email protected]

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