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Creating Your Multi-Signature Wallet With BitPay
Creating Your Multi-Signature Wallet With BitPay

Use BitPay to send Bitcoin with Gilded's BTC Mass Pay

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Creating Your Multi-Signature Wallet With BitPay

Before using BTC Mass Pay, you'll need to connect your multi-sig BitPay wallet and enable Mass Pay. If you have not set up your multi-signature wallet or enabled BTC Mass Pay in Gilded yet, please follow the directions below; we’ve also included a video demo. Setting up the BitPay mobile app will require:

  • Downloading the BitPay mobile application

  • Creating a multi-signature wallet

  • Adding co-payers

To create a multi-signature wallet, follow the simple steps below or watch a brief tutorial on how to get started.

Create a Multi-signature Wallet

  1. Download the BitPay mobile app and follow the setup instructions

  2. Visit the Wallets tab

  3. Tap the Plus icon next to your Key

  4. Tap "Shared Wallet"

  5. Tap "Bitcoin"

  6. Enter your desired wallet name, along with your name

  7. Select the desired number of co-payers and signers (it’s possible to do 1/1 if no other signers are required)

  8. Would you like to try on testnet first? If so, tap "Show Advanced Options" and enable the testnet option. After the wallet is created and your co-payers have been added, you will need to use a faucet to receive testnet BTC. You will also need to follow the Create a Multisig Wallet instructions again once you are ready to create a mainnet wallet.
    Pro Tip: Gilded strongly encourages users to test their payments first before executing their actual transaction.

  9. Recommended: Gilded’s accounting features work best with non-Segwit addresses. If you’d like to track this wallet’s activity in Gilded, tap "Show Advanced Options" and disable Segwit.

  10. Tap "Create"

  11. Share the wallet invitation code with your co-payers

Add Co-payers

Additional signers on the multi-signature wallet should follow these steps:

  1. Download the BitPay mobile app and follow the setup instructions

  2. Visit the Wallet tab of BitPay app

  3. Tap the menu icon at top right

  4. Tap "Create" or "Import a Key"

  5. Tap "Join Shared Wallet"

  6. Select "Bitcoin"

  7. Enter your name and the wallet invitation code

  8. Tap "Join" at top right

  9. Save the backup/recovery phrase

Enable BTC Mass Pay in Gilded

  1. In the BitPay app, go to Settings

  2. Select "Key 1"

  3. Select your multi-signature wallet

  4. Scroll down and select "Export Wallet"

  5. Enter a password

  6. Tap “Show advanced options”

  7. Tap “Do not include private key”

  8. Send by email

  9. Visit the Integrations page in Gilded

  10. Enable the BitPay integration

  11. Copy and paste the export code and save

Once you have created and connected your multi-sig wallet and enabled BTC Mass Pay in Gilded, you're all set to send Bitcoin to multiple addresses! For step by step instructions on how to perform a BTC Mass Pay in Gilded, see our helpful guide here.

Got a question? Contact our friendly Customer Success team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email [email protected]

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