Q: How do I sync my transactions to QuickBooks?

A: There are two ways to sync your transactions in Gilded to QuickBooks: individually and collectively (more than 1).

  1. Individually - Click on an individual transaction in your Gilded Activity page. An information box containing all of the selected transaction's details will appear. After making sure that the categorization and transaction details are in order, locate and click the QuickBooks logo at the bottom of the box. This will initiate the syncing of your transaction into your QuickBooks chart of accounts.

  2. Collectively (more than 1) - In the Gilded Activity page, click on the selector boxes for each transaction that you would like to sync into QuickBooks. You can do this individually or, alternatively, you can select the entire page by clicking the master selector box at the top of the column. Once you have chosen the transactions to be synced, click on the QuickBooks logo located next to the master selector box at the top of the page.

Pro Tips:

  • Transactions in Gilded's Activity page show as green when synced and gray when not synced.

  • Transactions missing a spot price and/or classified as "None" cannot successfully sync to QuickBooks.

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