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What digital currencies does Gilded support?
What digital currencies does Gilded support?
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Q: What digital currencies does Gilded support?

A: Gilded integrates with Bitcoin, Polygon, Ethereum, and the following ERC-20 tokens for billing/invoicing in Gilded: ANT, BAT, BUSD, DAI, DGX, KIN, KNC, LINK, LPT, MKR, OMG, PAX, QCAD, REQ, TrueGBP, TrueUSD, USDT, USDC, and ZRX.
All other digital currencies can be imported into Gilded via a formatted CSV file.
​Pro Tip: Gilded supports all ERC-20 tokens for accounting purposes.
Here are some helpful resources on Gilded's supported wallets, supported blockchains, and supported exchanges.

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