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Sending Sales Invoices With Gilded
Sending Sales Invoices With Gilded

Efficiently request and receive payments with Gilded.

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Welcome to sales invoicing with Gilded. Sales invoices with cryptocurrency payment options!

With a few clicks of a button, Gilded users can customize their invoice and add notes for clear and concise record keeping.

Once sent, Gilded will monitor the status of the invoice and update after the transaction has been successfully executed. You can then view the transaction in the Activity page of your Gilded account.

To invoice and receive a payment into your account, take note of the following steps:

  1. From the drop-down menu on your Payments tab, click on "Invoices"

  2. In the top right portion of the page, click on the "New Invoice" icon.

3. On the request payment page, choose which of your contacts you would like to send the invoice to and click on the "Go To Payment Method" button on the bottom right portion of the page.
ProTip: If you don't have any contacts added to your account yet, click "+Add Contact" next to the search bar.

4. On the payment method page, enter the appropriate information regarding invoice name/reason, due date, and base currency for pricing. You must also decide if you would like to verify the payment Automatically (for Coinbase wallets only) or Manually (for non-custodial wallets such as Metamask or Ledger) and what wallet accounts you would like the payment sent to (BTC, ETH, USDC, etc). Once completed, click on the "Go To Details" button at the bottom right portion of the page.

5. In the invoice items page, enter the invoice details, quantities, and unit price. You also have the ability to add discounts, new line items, and/or notes.

6. Once complete, you have the option to save the invoice as a draft to be edited and sent later. If you have reviewed your information and are ready to request payment, you can send it to your addressee by clicking "Send Invoice."

7. After sending, Gilded will bring you to a summary and status page where you can view the details of your invoice, the current status, as well as the transaction ID, which can be viewed in real time on Etherscan. The Payment Details column of the sent invoice will first show as “Awaiting Payment.” Once the addressee has sent payment and has been confirmed on the blockchain, your Gilded invoice will automatically update and show as “Paid.”
ProTip: The link to this summary/status page can be shared with anyone. This invoice status page can also be found in the Payments > Invoices page on your Gilded account for future reference and viewing.

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Got a question? Contact our friendly Customer Success team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email [email protected]

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