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Create Recurring Invoices

Use Gilded's recurring invoices to receive set payments at regular intervals.

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If you are accepting recurring crypto payments as a freelancer, business, DAO contributor, or other services, you should consider Gilded’s Recurring Invoicing feature.

Think of it as a workaround to set up crypto subscriptions for your business. The days are gone when you need to manually send the crypto invoice each month. Simply set it, forget it and watch your collection hassles go away.

Let’s take a look at how to create and send a recurring invoice.

How to Create a Recurring Invoice

  1. From the Gilded app, click on Payments → Invoices.

  2. Select Recurring → New Recurring Invoices.

3. Create the parameters for your invoice.

- Invoice Title and Choose Contact: Create an invoice title and select the contact you are requesting payments from.
Note: From the dropdown, you can add a new contact with their name, email, address, EIN or VAT #, and their ETH or BTC address.

Currency for pricing: Select from a range of different currencies and cryptocurrencies including USD, CAD, USDC, DAI, AUD, USDT, and so much more. The price conversion to digital currency happens at the time of payment.

- Payment verification: Only select “Automatic” if you are receiving payment to a Coinbase exchange account. Otherwise, (for Metamask or other non-custodial wallets) select manual verification.

- Account(s) for payment: Choose your wallet accounts you wish to receive payment to (ETH or BTC wallets). Then, select the tokens you would like to accept.

4. Create your Recurring Settings.

- Set to repeat every day, week, or month, on a specific start date, first of the month, or last of the month. Then, select your start date.
- Select whether you want to send the first invoice now or later.
- Select the duration (ending on a specific date, after a certain # of invoices, or until you cancel it).
- Select when you want the invoice due and whether you want Gilded to automatically email the invoice to your customer.

5. Write the invoice description, quantity, unit price, and add any notes.

6. Click “Create Recurring Invoice” to send the request for payment to your client.

That’s it! You now have created a recurring invoice in Gilded.

Got a question? Contact our friendly Customer Success team via the in-app chat at the bottom-right of your screen, or email [email protected]

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